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Predictive Ransomware Protection: The Key to Ending a Global Crisis

Successful ransomware attacks take time. They involve gaining a foothold in the enterprise, conducting reconnaissance, escalating privileges, and then locating and exfiltrating your organization’s most sensitive data. The entire process, up until the point that the attackers encrypt your data, could take weeks or months.

That’s why the key to ending ransomware is to minimize the window of time between the moment when a ransomware attack infiltrates your environment and the moment when you’re able to detect it and respond to it. 

The Cybereason Predictive Ransomware Protection solution is capable of detecting the earliest signs of a ransomware operation and conducting automated prevention within milliseconds. With the ability to block obfuscated ransomware–plus the addition of artificial intelligence on every endpoint, encryption prevention, rollback capability, and visibility from the kernel to the cloud–the Cybereason Predictive Ransomware Protection represents the most capable ransomware defense available on the market.

This is why Cybereason is the only security provider that remains undefeated in the fight against ransomware, protecting every customer from threats like the DarkSide Ransomware that shut down Colonial Pipeline, the REvil Ransomware that disrupted meatpacking giant JBS and IT services provider Kaseya, the LockBit Ransomware that struck Accenture and every other ransomware family. 

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