The first book to define the clear and present danger posed by a cyber-terrorist attack on the U.S. computer- and network-dependent infrastructure. The pages are packed with interviews from members of terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, as well as key insiders involved in planning and executing the U.S. plan for the defense of cyberspace, including Tom Ridge, James Gilmore, CIA and NSA officials–and even al-Qaeda supporters. Internet security expert Dan Verton investigates how cyber-terrorism could occur, what the global and financial implications are, the impact this is having and will continue to have on privacy and civil liberties, and how to prepare and prevent against cyber-terrorism.

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

The new face of terrorism–cyber-terrorism–is all too clear. Gone are the days when the only victims are those who are unfortunate enough to be standing within striking distance of the blast. Today’s terrorists have learned that America’s national security depends upon its computer- and network-dependent infrastructure. A strategic attack on those systems would undoubtedly have devastating consequences for the nation and the economy.

Written by former U.S. intelligence officer Dan Verton, Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism investigates how cyber-terrorism could occur, what the global and financial implications are, the impact this has on privacy and civil liberties, and how to prepare for and prevent cyber attacks. The book is packed with revealing interviews and commentary from leading government authorities on national security, including Tom Ridge, James Gilmore, Richard Clarke, CIA and NSA intelligence officials–and even supporters of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

This compelling work will add much to the national debate on homeland security issues. Verton argues forcefully and convincingly that real-time intelligence sharing is the key to ensuring that the high-tech future of terrorism does not become like black ice stretched across the information superhighway­­alerting us to its presence only after we are spinning out of control.

“Reveals a real threat to Homeland Security that the Feds are not fixing.” –Richard A. Clarke, Former Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Security, and the Former National Coordinator for Security & Counterterrorism

“Dan Verton has ‘connected the dots’ like no one else can. He has written this book in such a way that it is relevant to the masses as well as the security experts. [This is] a ‘must-read’ as it contains a clear message: there is much to be done on the cyber security front to protect us from ‘weapons of mass disruptions.'” –Howard A. Schmidt, Former Chair, President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, and Cyber Security Advisor for the White House

“In Black Ice, Dan Verton has done a masterful job in explaining why cyber security is important for every American.” –Roger Cressey, Former Chief of Staff to the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, and former Director for Transnational Threats at the National Security Council

“I’ve spent the better part of 30 years involved in computer security, cyber-incident investigation, and computer forensics. As I read the material that Dan Verton has compiled here, I’m frightened. And you should be too.” –Alan E. Brill, Senior Managing Director of Kroll Worldwide’s Technology Services Group, and the former Director of the Information Systems and Information Security Bureau of the New York Department of Investigation

“[This book is] one of near incomparable importance in an uncertain post-September 11th world. Black Ice may be the most important book we read in a long while, because it brings to the immediate attention of the leaders of government and commerce a sense of electric urgency and of the consequences of inaction.” –MacDonnell Ulsch, Managing Director of Janus Risk Management, Inc., and a former Trusted Advisor to the United States Secrecy Commission